Reflections from Women’s March on Washington in Ottawa

Published Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Kateryna Gordiychuk
January 21st, 2017


A picture is worth a thousand words. An audio segment painting a picture of the Women’s March - a million. The short four segments that follow will immerse you into the atmosphere of Ottawa’s crowd on a Saturday afternoon in late January, when women and their allies said a loud “No!” to the misogyny surrounding them. Kim Pate and Elizabeth Pickett speak with us on encouraging each other to stand for the women’s movement under Trump’s administration. Now it’s your turn, delve in and get energized.


Segment 1 - What’s it All About




Segment 2 - Interview with Kim Pate, Senator in Ontario and Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies




Segment 3 - Interview with Elizabeth Pickett, Canadian Feminist Activist




Segment 4 - Closing Remarks




Independent Women for Equality McGill are very grateful to all of the interviewees who were crucial to this audio series.